Minute Man - WGCA


How it works...

You will be part of a special army of “First Responders” who will be contacted no more than four times a year, when special needs arise or new opportunities are announced. As a Minute Man, you agree to respond with an immediate financial gift of at least $25. This gift is a tax-deductible donation to WGCA. You will stand ready to defend the Gospel in a minute’s notice, by giving immediate financial support. Mix Minute Men are a core of volunteers we know we can count on to give first when needs or new opportunities arise.

When the envelope with the “Mix Minute Man” symbol arrives in your mailbox, you will be ready to drop $25 in it and return it to us immediately. You will be part of a vital and necessary force, playing a critical role in sustaining this lifeline to hurting people.

Your support is incredibly meaningful. Thanks for arising to the occasion to fight the good fight along with this ministry. You will lead the battle and set the standard in thought and action for others to follow!

Standing at the ready then and now

In 1776, during the Revolutionary War, “Minutemen” were what we may today call “First Responders”. They were an elite group chosen from the normal military ranks to perform additional duties. Their responsibility was to act quickly and decisively, to move to a scene, work quickly to stabilize the situation, and keep order until the arrival of the main body of the militia unit. Speed and precision had to be combined with discipline for concentrated and continuous firepower that maximized the effectiveness of a musket. Minutemen were assembled in close ranks, shoulder to shoulder, loading and firing in unison and only upon command.


Since 2005, God has been faithful to provide for the station through our Mix Minute Men. Our partners have responded to the call and helped fund the following projects:

  • Mackie Board (main production board)
  • Web streaming board
  • The Audio Vault digital music catalog
  • Office equipment
  • “Meat Truck” and Transmitter tower repairs

Become a Mix Minute Man and join us in our ministry to the tri-state area!