WGCA - Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at WGCA is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world; to uplift, to edify and to encourage.

Our Vision

Great Commission Broadcasting Corporation* is a Christ-centered, non-profit, listener-supported radio ministry. We like it that way. By being Christ centered, we take our lead from God’s son, Jesus, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we’re allowed to offer our supporters the benefits of tax-deductible giving. As a listener-supported Christian station, we’re able to concentrate on creating the kind of radio that partners with listeners in touching hearts and lives.

WGCA 88.5 began in 1987 and since then, we’ve used music and ministry to accomplish God’s purposes in the life of this radio station. Our vision statement, taken from (Isaiah 41:15) says what we’re committed to doing. WGCA seeks to be like the “new, sharp threshing instrument having many teeth” described in the book of Isaiah that is used in the harvesting of people’s lives for God. The “teeth” (radios or broadcast outlets, such as, computers or national networking) should have a sharp, cutting-edge quality that hits the mark in our listeners’ lives, allowing them to experience God.

WGCA shares the Gospel through Christian music, ministry and outreach using broadcasting, events, and mentoring; promotes unity among Christians, and actively participates in our community. Our joy is in seeing this vision and mission accomplished. Sharing the Gospel of Christ, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together under His banner, and impacting our community in His name are things we’re passionate about. We target a young adult audience.

WGCA is not part of any one denomination or church. There’s not an organization or group of organizations that is responsible for paying our bills. We depend on listeners from many different churches and denominations to keep us operational. Each year during Sharathon, we take two days to ask listeners to supply our operational budget for the next fiscal year. We focus our efforts on doing radio that honors God, and trust Him to take care of the rest through our giving listeners. WGCA is a ministry of integrity. Our volunteers, board of directors (who are also volunteers), and staff hold each other to high standards. You can be assured when you trust WGCA with your financial gifts; we’re using them as you would want us to. We demonstrate the highest standards of board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of financial resources with the oversight of the board of directors.

At WGCA, we endeavor to do everything with the highest level of professional quality and excellence. Our goal is to be better and more relevant than other radio choices available for our listener… giving them a reason to listen to THE MIX. Our positioning image, THE MIX, applies to the totality of all we do and represent on and off the air.

*Great Commission Broadcasting Corporation operates as WGCA 88.5 THE MIX.