WGCA Frequently Asked Questions

Is my account information kept confidential?

The staff here at WGCA are the only people that have access to the information you provide. All information is considered highly confidential by the staff and will not be shared with anyone else.

Since these are electronic transactions, how safe are they?

That is a good question! This system has been used for a long time and has proven to be safe! This electronic network is the same system by which many people receive their pension, payroll and social security direct deposits. In 1999, there were more than 6 Billion transactions made totaling more than 19 Trillion dollars. There are currently over 2,500,000 companies using this electronic system. Direct deposit of Social Security payments have been done since 1976.

What are the benefits of using the electronic funds transfer?

Convenience! You don’t have to write a check each month and mail it. That saves you postage & time!!! Whatever the reason, whether vacation or travel, you can rest assured that your contribution is made for you if you are unable to manually give the contribution. It helps WGCA by providing a steady source of funds. Pledges do not always arrive when the bills are due. With a steady flow of funds, the staff can better plan for regular and unexpected expenses! And the best benefit of all is knowing that you are a Sustaining Partner, a continuous, steady contributor to The Mix!

How do I discontinue my contribution if I need to?

If for some unknown reason there is a problem, or you would like to discontinue the automatic withdrawal, please send us a written notification. Our address is: 535 Maine St., Suite 10, Quincy, IL 62301

What happens after I make my pledge?

You will receive a pledge acknowledgment, with a return envelope in the mail from us in a week or two. You will be assigned a donor number that will link your giving to your year-end donation receipt. If you have made a monthly pledge, you will also receive a statement and return envelope in the mail each month. If you prefer, you can mail your pledge to: WGCA 535 Maine St., Suite 10, Quincy, IL 62301.

What is Shar-a-thon?

Shar-a-thon is the annual fundraising event for WGCA to bring its operational budget needs to our listeners. This event is similar to a telethon and is usually held for two days in autumn. During the Shar-a-thon, listeners call in or pledge online to make faith promises to support the ministry for the coming year. We use these faith promises as a guide for setting a budget, trusting that the Lord will provide for our needs through our listeners. Faith Promises can be fulfilled immediately or throughout the year. It is an exciting multi-day broadcast event in which we ask listeners to help support this ministry for the coming year. It is filled with fun, moving testimonies, and lots of great music. During Shar-a-thon, listeners from across the area, from across denominational lines, and from different traditions join together to show their support of WGCA.

What is in it for me?

Most importantly, as a supporter, you become a part of this ministry. Every life that is changed by the witness of WGCA 88.5 FM, you are a part of. Every marriage that is salvaged, every soul that is saved, every hurt that is healed, and every mind that is renewed is a result of God’s people joining together to support His work. We also say thank you to every giver no matter which level of giving is comfortable for them. Every gift is significant and every supporter is important.

Why do you have a Shar-a-thon?

The WGCA Radio Ministry is totally listener supported by Christian families, churches and Christian businesses who underwrite our ministry for the finances that we need. It is only through your financial support, either monthly or one-time, that we are able to keep this radio ministry on-the-air. Our Shar-a-thon is a time of praise giving where our listeners show their support by calling their faith promise in support of the ministry. We have chosen to be listener-supported radio. That keeps us accountable to our listeners rather than business advertisers. We do have businesses that do underwriting with us, but that is because they, too, believe in what we are doing and want to be part of it.

What is a Faith Promise?

WGCA 88.5 FM is supported by faithful listeners who tell us how much they would like to give as the Lord provides. It is a commitment made between you and God, on faith.

Can you donate at other times of the year?

The answer is YES! We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-commercial, non-affiliated, interdenominational, and tax deductible radio broadcast ministry. We are grateful for your financial donations that make this ministry possible. You may send your tax-deductible contributions at any time to: WGCA, 535 Maine St, Suite 10, Quincy, IL 62301.

If I am already a WGCA Monthly Pledge Partner, do I need to re-pledge during Shar-a-thon each year?

No, your current pledge will not stop at the end of September. Our accounting system will allow us to “roll over” your current pledge to the new Shar-a-thon in October. We will mail you a pledge progress statement in September. You can make changes to your pledge at that time and use the return envelope to mail the change to us before Shar-a-thon begins. Of course, you can cancel your giving at any time should you so choose.

Do I receive a receipt for the donations that I make?

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution following your donation.

Is my gift to WGCA tax deductible?

YES! WGCA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry, therefore your donations to WGCA are tax deductible. As a donor, you will receive a year-end statement in January summarizing your donations for the previous calendar year.

How do I let WGCA know that I want to be a financial supporter?

You may call us at 217-224-9422, or you may donate online by clicking on the DONATE button at the top of any of our web pages or visit www.wgca.org/support/how-to-give/. You may also make a donation by mail using the address previously stated.

Is $30 a month the minimum pledge amount?

No, the $30 figure that you hear mentioned on the air is the average cost of one hour of broadcasting at WGCA. It is neither a minimum nor a maximum. We are extremely grateful for every donation that is made to WGCA 88.5 FM! Some listeners pledge less, some more.

Who should I speak with if I have any further questions?

If you have any questions regarding our station, feel free to contact us by phone, email, or postal service. Our contact information and an easy contact form can be found on our Contact Us page!

How do I make changes to my current monthly pledge (amount, address, etc.)?

You may make changes to your pledge information (including pledge amount and contact information) by contacting us directly at the office or by emailing us at donorsupport@wgca.org.  For our address and phone number information, go to our “Contact Us” page.

What is underwriting all about?

Would you like to know if you are able to advertise on WGCA 88.5 FM? Simply click here to be taken to our Underwriting Page.

How does the electronic funds transfer work?

It is a very easy and simple process. The staff here at WGCA sends an electronic transaction through HOMEBANK that is then sent to your bank and your pledge is withdrawn from your account. It’s that EASY!

What record do I have that I paid WGCA my sustaining partnership contribution?

When your bank receives the transaction, it also receives a description from WGCA, which is printed on your bank statement. This is sufficient proof of contribution for the IRS. This would be comparable to a canceled check.  Additionally, you will receive a year-end statement in January summarizing your donations for the previous calendar year.

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