What is Sharathon?

About this time every year you will hear references to Sharathon on air, or see something on the website. But…P1080065

What is Sharathon? Shararthon is a once a year two-day event during which all the funds are raised to keep WGCA on the air for another year. It is held on a Thursday and Friday early in September, WGCA’s anniversary. And because we know that all our blessings come from God, we preceed Sharathon with a Day of Thanks.

So what’s the Day of Thanks? The Day of Thanks is held the Wednesday before Sharathon. It is a chance for listeners to call in and share their blessings and give thanks to God for all that he has provided in their lives. JT starts in early in the morning and it usually runs until noon. Want to be a part? Call 217-223-7700 or 877-768-9422 and simply share how God has blessed your life or why you are thankful to have Christ as your Savior.

Back to Sharathon. How does it work? Well, for those of us at the station, it starts about 3 months ahead of time with prayer and planning. We write letters to all those who have given to the station in the past, choose another ministry to help, and start scheduling volunteers.
The actual two days of Sharathon we will have loyal volunteers on the phones who will answer you calls and record donations. We will still have music on the air, but from 7am to 6pm we will also have John and Bill join our DJ’s on air to get the message out an encourage people to call in with their gifts. Last year, your generous giving raised the over $300,000 needed to keep WGCA on the air.

When is it? The Day of Thanks is Wednesday, September 10th and Sharathon is Thursday and Friday, the 11th and 12th.P1080061

Can I help answer phones? YES! Call 217-224-9422 to volunteer!

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