From the “Meat Truck” to Maine Street

Our History

“That awesome sound is coming from here?!”

meat_truck_smWhat began as a simple broadcast from the back of a meat truck has blossomed into a 40,000-watt, vibrant lighthouse ministry bearing witness to the light of the world – Jesus Christ – in the Tri-States and even across the globe through web-streaming technology.

Since 1987 WGCA has been more than great adult Christian contemporary music and positive, life-changing daily programming; WGCA promotes unity among Christians by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together under His banner. We work to do this through a fun, upbeat ministry. When you listen to THE MIX, you’ll never hear vulgar lyrics or crude commentary. It’s a radio station that your whole family can listen to and enjoy.meat_truck_interior

In addition to what you hear on the radio, over the years we have hosted countless concerts including Petra, Amy Grant, Rebecca St. James, Skillet, The Newsboys, and Casting Crowns. We have also been blessed to bring you events such as Impact World Tour, Shoutfest, March for Jesus, and the National Day of Prayer.

Our mission is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world; to
uplift, to edify, and to encourage. With the support of our listeners, we have laughed, cried, prayed, preached, persevered, and given of ourselves together in “Reaching for the Heart” of the Tri-State area with the answer “JESUS CHRIST!” The legacy of WGCA lies at the feet of Jesus. His love for us, and care for us, has sustained all of us through the trials and mountaintops of life. There is joy in the journey we travel together!


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