JT’s thoughts on “God Is”

I love Holly Starr’s new single “God Is”… maybe you’ve seen the video on the Mix! website?   Such a great reminder that God IS,  and that “He is greater than the storm’s you’re facing….He is with you when you cry and God is greater than the grave!”  Seems like most of us are dealing with storms and battles of life in the 21st Century and that we may even be beginning to see the eternal SPIRITUAL war intensifying.  These are days not to fear….if you’re trust is in Christ….you’re in good hands and have nothing to worry about.  But they are also days to be sure of our relationship with Him.  That doesn’t mean that we have to strain and stress about that, but like a little child to crawl up on Daddy’s lap every day to be with Him and see what He has to say.  Remember the words of the song:  “God is greater and He is with you through it all”.


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